My Tour de France 2016

In a time when I'm not busy with development, I like to ride on a bicycle. In this year I have started to ride on long distance. And I found that it's my passion :) 

I have planned training for brevet 200 km on 2nd of July and in this day started the Tour de France 2016. It means that I had a long race parallel with real racers and it's great I think :)

Let me tell how it was.

My route "Novosibirsk - Preobrazhenka - Novosibirsk" has length ~200km. It's real route for brevet 200 km in the local cycling community and I wanted to have a train before the real brevet.

I have planned this ride approximately 1 month and when I got up at 7.00 AM I was very upset because on the street was very raining.

The roads near the Novosibirsk is not the best in the world. There are not special roads for bicycles and you forced to ride near the cars. In raining weather, it's pretty danger and was forced to refuse my idea. And I went to the office. 

In the middle of the day, I found that the weather became better. No rain, only sun and clouds.

I decided that it's my chance :) I went home, grabbed my bike and rode towards adventures!

On the clock was 3 PM, I had not so much time and I had to hurry.

The weather promised to be good.


I was in good mood, I rode and admired the views of the artificial sea "Obskoe".


All was very fine, except that I forgot to eat before this long trip :) I will pay for this later...

First 50 km of the road was fine. I enjoyed it


Except the long climbs... :)


After first 50 km's I turned right according to my route and road became pretty bad :(

There was asphalt but seems it was older than me... On that road were a lot of little holes like in cheese. My bicycle was shaking very hard and finally on the back way my rear lamp was broke off. There was ~ 10 km's of bad road, but I found piece of good asphalt :)

good asphalt

After this 10 km's the asphalt become not so good in general but pretty smooth and nice for bicycle. And no cars, what is really important :) It was very calm part of my trip.

empty road

Near one of the villages, I met kids on the bicycles. I rode pretty fast at that moment, maybe 40 km/h and they looked at me like on the real racer. That was funny :)

I almost drove to the Preobrazhenka, but I have started pretty late (3 PM) and a had no enough time to come back. 

In addition, I was tired and hungry. I had some food - snickers, milky way, energy bar, bananas, and raisin. But after the long ride was pretty hard to eat something.

So, I had a little rest and I turned back.


In the middle of the road to home, I met the sunset. So I had to hurry, to come back to home until midnight :)


A little statistics of this trip:

Distance - 184.1 km

Clear time - 7:46:36

Common time - 8:48:41

Average speed - 23.7 km/h

Climb - 865m

Link to Strava

What I have learned on this trip:

You need a lot of water, but of course, it's pretty obvious. I spent ~ 3.2 liters of water and the weather was not hot.

Take with yourself the food with a lot of calories and which you really like. Usually, snickers is acceptable for me, but after the 100km it was totally unacceptable. I ate it with big difficulty. Use only food what you really like.

Use fenders on your bicycle for long rides. If rain will begin, without fenders you will be wet. It's awful and dangerous for your health. Somebody can tell that fenders are sucks and bicycle with fenders is ugly. I want to be dry, not important who and what talking about.

Also, I found that if you use the backpack, will be pretty hard to ride with it for a long distance. Your back will be very tired and you will loose a lot of energy. In the other trip, I have tried to ride with the rack and it really saved my energy. But also your friends can tell you that rack sucks :)

Use your power sparingly, especially on the climbs.