Brevet 200km in Syberia

I have waited for this brevet since May 2016 :) Because it was the first brevet in my life.

In this season I drove more than 2000 km's and I was prepared. I knew the route and I was inspired to do it.

That's how it was.

I was a little worried before the day of the brevet and I couldn't sleep enough time. It broke my appetite and the breakfast was not very hearty.

I drove to the starting point, there were a lot of other cyclists. It was a day of the festival of brevets and randonners were going to start brevets for 200, 300, 600 and 1000 km in one moment from this point. I'm newbie and my distance is 200 km :)

The time has come to 9 AM and we have started! All was very fine and I outran one cyclist after the other.

happy racer

I drove pretty fast but in one moment I heard sound "pssss..." and I found that my tire went flat. It was only after few kilometers from the start and it was really awful. All cyclists outran me :(
It was not just simple hole my tire. The problem was in ribbon which is between rim and camera. I couldn't fix it at that moment, but I have checked the map and after the 20 kilometers by route there was a technical service. I have decided to risk and drive there. I have replaced the camera and drove very carefully and with low pressure in the tire.

I found the technical service not from the first try, but the mechanic was very cool and he has fixed my problem really fast. Like on the pitstop in Formula 1 :)

Technical service
I lost ~ 1 hour but I was happy and drove next to the route.
I was the last one in this race and caught up the other last one randonner only after the 45 km after the start.

The weather was pretty hot and when I have turned from the main road I found that the asphalt became pretty soft and it was hard to ride on it.

Sometimes, was possible to meet such obstacles :)


I have arrived on the checkpoint (100 km's) at 1:32 PM. There were fresh water, food, and chairs. I had good relax for 20 minutes. 

All was fine, but I found that tick has crawled on my leg. Maybe somewhere ticks are not dangerous but in Siberia, they can infect you with encephalitis or Lyme disease.

I put him into the small box. He was very aggressive and nervous and didn't want to sit in the box :)

So, I ate the cereal bar, the loaf and drank the juice. Tick was in his jail and I was ready to drove back and finish my brevet.

It was middle of the day and the sun burned mercilessly. I guess that it was more than 40 by Celsius under the sun. I drove pretty slow because there was too hot and I understood that eat the cereal bar was a bad idea :( I never ate them later in long rides. This kind of food is not for me.

After 50 kilometers I have stopped to buy the fresh water and check how the tick feels himself in his box. He was very calm after the 50 kilometers :)

After the short pause, I've continued my way. I outran few cyclists and saw how one of them has fizzled. There was very hot, I understand him.

When I was almost at the finish line, began a very heavy downpour. The road was fully filled with water and cars threw clouds of spray.

Fortunately, I had a raincoat. I wore it and continued my race. I have finished with time 10h17m and I was happy. That was nice experience and I was inspired for new races.